randy hopkins

Leader and Innovator

  • Retired executive: 35 years in public service partnering with private sector
  • Regional Director: 7 centers, 300 employees, $20 million budget
  • Visionary Developer: Created/implemented online service for Unemployment Insurance that set a benchmark for excellence has been adopted as a model across the nation.


  • Written legal rules and policy
  • Assisted in writing legislation passed by Utah Legislature

Economic Development

  • Partnered with Ogden City/Weber County in economic development
  • Housing Partnership to provide work opportunities for people receiving Unemployment Benefits by hiring them to rebuild homes in blighted areas


  • 1980s Eddie Mayne/AFLCIO: Discussed/partnered to get federal grant to create Dislocated Worker Center in West Valley City
  • Personally talked with 100s of laid off Kennecott workers, got them retrained for other employment
  • Chief of Benefits for State of Utah Unemployment Insurance

Director of Federal Programs

  • Directed administration of Federal Funds  for TANF to improve sustainable living for families
  • Directed administration Food Stamps, Medicaid, Child Care, WIA, Wagner Peyser, Veterans Programs

What I Hope to Accomplish

  • Affordable health care for every American
  • Protect Social Security/Medicare for Seniors
  • Value/Protect Public Lands, Environment, Clean Water/Air
  • More affordable tuition for students and loans that don’t drag on for decades
  • Improved and/or Equal access, protection and inclusiveness for EVERY member of our communities

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