Social Security is the foundational program that guarantees monthly income to senior citizens.  It makes up most of the income for many retired Americans.

  • Losing Social Security benefits would thrust over 40 percent of elderly Americans into poverty.  Why do Republican leaders continue their assault on this invaluable program?
  • The Republican tax plan will add over $1 trillion to the federal deficit which will give more fuel to the ridiculous, mean spirited argument to limit social security benefits.  This war on seniors must stop.
  • As a recipient of social security, I will propose and support legislation that will protect this vital program for current seniors and for generations to come.


It is a privilege and blessing to live in America.  Yet for all its immeasurable opportunities it still lacks one component that other western industrial countries have – health coverage for all citizens.

  • Our humanity and deeply held feelings for the sanctity of life are diminished by the suffering of fellow Americans who don’t have financial resources to obtain medical care.
  • Rather than try to improve the Affordable Care Act (ADA/Obamacare), Republican leaders persist in their desire to destroy the very program that has insured over 20 million more Americans.  And yet they have no replacement.
  • They are also proposing to change and reduce Medicare benefits.  Each of the 44 million recipients of Medicare should be outraged, especially because of the deficit created by enormous tax breaks for America’s billionaires.
  • I will resist any changes that reduce benefits for current participants and future generations.  I will be a champion for the continued struggle to pursue solutions that will help all Americans to access affordable health care.


A dark cloud of environmental policy hangs over our Republican president and representatives in congress for their advocacy and support of the reduction of the Bears Ears and the Grand Stair Case-Escalante National Monuments. 

  • Protecting the most spectacular landscapes in the world and preserving wild places for future generations is not mutually exclusive with economic development.  Indeed, environmental protection and jobs can coexist and thrive.
  • We deserve access to public lands that are pristine in their natural beauty; free from the scars of mining, drilling and development. Economic development should be focused on preservation of these areas and not destruction.

Coal is not coming back. Bob Murray, the owner of the largest privately owned coal mining company in America said he told Trump that he should temper his expectations and that, the president can’t bring it back.

  • We need to focus on redirecting training and job growth to sustain different forms of energy.

And, yes, climate change is real.  We must be prepared to change our assessment of our resources as the science changes.

  • For the moment, a virtual consensus exists among the world’s scientists, including those of our own government that climate change is real and that mankind is a contributor.
  • That doesn’t mean we will all agree on the solutions, but it does mean that politicians have a responsibility to accept scientific evidence, when there is no escaping the evidence.

I will fight for environmental safeguards that will benefit current and future generations while being sensitive to economic impacts and exploring solutions to expand economic development.


  • The Republican Party has become stagnant and predictably irrational in its policies, trotting out old ideas, while the increasingly interconnected world passes them by.
  • The president has undermined the free press by calling it fake news
  • He has undermined our intelligence community and other key national departments by saying they got it wrong when their facts don’t line up with the president’s.

The truth must always come first.  To have any meaningful debate about the issues, politicians must first be willing to tell the truth.

The citizens of the United States of America must always come first. That begins with respect, acceptance of culture, empathy for challenges and the passion to provide support and resources as needed.

Education must always come first. It is key to every developed nation.

  •  Education is a tool for decision making, a tool for integrity, for charity, for justice and mercy, and for sorting facts and falsehoods; for creating open minds and hearts.
  • In short, education is a must for governing a people and maintaining an ideal.

It is time for a change.  And change means telling the truth.

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