randy hopkins
Photo courtesy of Natalie Jean Photography

The Campaign

My name is Randy Hopkins and I’m announcing my candidacy for Congress in Utah’s Second Congressional District.  I’m a proud Democrat.  I’m proud of the Party that has always looked out for the middle class.  The American Dream has always been about upward mobility within the broad middle class.  It is the middle class – small business owners and entrepreneurs, factory workers and farmers, teachers and laborers, nurses and engineers and police officers and ranchers – that defines our character as a nation and is the engine of our economic vitality.  It creates jobs and sustains companies, and government policies ought to be geared to sustaining the middle class and to helping those who are not yet there to have an opportunity to get there.  That means access to the building blocks that form the foundation of the middle class – access to education, access to healthcare, and access to a sustainable wage for families.

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